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The Abyssinian cat looks like miniature cougars. Their bodies are slim and agile, and of a medium size. Their exceptional balance makes them great climbers. They are highly alert and active, so maybe not so much of a "lap" pet, although they are very sociables. In fact, Abyssinians tend to become depressed if they do not receive enough affection or if they feel abandoned.

Abyssinians cats develop physically and emotionally but never seem to cease being mischievous kittens, though they grow in age. Always as curious and instinctive and playful. Cats are surprisingly tender and sociables. They are also very clean. Their call tends to be very soft.

For this reason, an Abyssinian can easily live in an apartment, provided it can move within it. They love to play and are brilliant at hunting. It is best that Abys stay indoors as they are easily frightened by loud noises, and could also be exposed to diseases from other animals.


The color of the Abyssinians is not defined until the kitten is about a year and a half old. A kitten can be pale colored then surprise us by becoming a mature cat with vibrant red hair. There are four colors among Abyssinians: Ruddy (beige and reddish brown tones), Sorrel (red), Blue and Fawn (cream or pink).


Abyssinian cats are very sociable, it is important that they live near human beings and other animals. Abys do tend to be territorial (mainly females). They love to jump and climb, so it is advisable to keep their nails trimmed. Abys are very clean. It is not advisable to wash them often. But is important to de-worm them every six months and vaccinated with the "MMR" and rabies vaccines at least once a year, specially if the cat is in contact with gardens or outdoor areas.

Abyssinians are very smart, and can even be trained, if you are patient with them. They can learn to sit, stand, "shake hands", climb on you shoulder, etc..

It is good to offer your cat a balanced diet. When you can, take the time to cook for your pet. Finely ground boiled chickeen or fish (no salt or spices added), along with green vegetables and rice, are an ideal food for a cat. You can always alternate with commercial cat food (Royal Canin or Eukanuba are our favorite), lactose-free milk and water are also very important.

Love your cat, for...

"What greater gift than the love of a cat?"